Santa Claus has some good news for you!

Happy Holidays!
Happy holiday season everybody! Santa Clause surprised us early and brought us the announcement that Belgrade Sport Tournament will be held from 19th-22th of May 2022. We couldn’t be more happy! We are all eager to finally be able to host you in Belgrade after a long break from sports and travels. Fourteenth installment of Belgrade Sport Tournament is the perfect opportunity for that!
We organize student tournaments for over 2000 students from all around the world.Men and women can compete at the highest level in these sports:

Football 11
Track and field
Table tennis

So what are you waiting for? Get more info on how to apply, or visit our gallery, Instagram and Facebook pages to see the part of magic from previous tournaments.

Participation info:

Basic package:
Participation fee is 170 euros per person with accommodation at 3 stars hotel Srbija, which includes 3 nights with breakfast and dinner. Extra night per person costs 35 euros.

Premium package:
Participation fee is 230 euros per person with accommodation at 4 stars hotel, which includes 3 nights with breakfast. Extra night per person costs 40 euros.

Participation only:
Participation fee is 80 euros per person if you decide to search your own accommodation.

*Important: These offers stand until full capacities are filled.