Belgrade Sport Tournament

About Belgrade Sport Tournament

International university sport competition

Our story

A passionate group of student-athletes, Belgrade Sport Tournament Committee, came together with a shared vision – to establish an international sports competition that would unite student-athletes from every corner of the world.


With support from our University, our journey began in 2007, primarily featuring universities from across Serbia.


The following year, 2008, marked a significant milestone as we welcomed the first international university teams to our event.


Today, we can proudly say that our tradition thrives. We are honored to host university sports teams from Europe and beyond, making Belgrade their sporting home.

For students, this tournament is not just a chance to compete but also an unique opportunity to explore diverse cultures, forge lasting friendships, and create memories that will be cherished forever.

Over the years, we have had the privilege of welcoming hundreds of student-athletes from some of Europe’s most prestigious universities and from various corners of the globe.

Our commitment is strong, and we aim to uphold our reputation as the BeST hosts.

So, don’t hesitate! Gather your teams, embrace the spirit of competition, and apply to be part of this incredible sporting event. Join us in Belgrade, and let your sports spirit shine.

See you there!


Tradition of excellence

Starting in 2007 with local universities, the tournament now attracts teams from prestigious universities worldwide and provides them the spirit of competition and international unity.

Tradition of Excellence

Quality of Organization

The tournament is renowned for its impeccable organization, utilizing the best Serbian sport halls to ensure smooth logistics and a memorable experience. 

Quality of Organization

Professional Judges

With the support of official football and basketball associations, the tournament boasts highly qualified and professional judges. This ensures fair and accurate assessments, upholding the event’s reputation for integrity.

Professional Judges

Beauty of the City

Participants and visitors can savor the Belgrade’s good food, explore its rich history and culture, and enjoy its vibrant nightlife during their stay, making the experience truly captivating.”

Beauty of the city

Beyond competition, it’s an opportunity to explore diverse cultures, create lasting friendships and have fun in Europe’s most vibrant capital.