Belgrade Sport Tournament

Belgrade sport tournament 2024



All Futsal matches shall be played in accordance with the FIFA regulations (

Please pay attention to the following points:

  1. Match duration

Men Competition:

The duration of each Futsal game is 2 x 15 minutes in round robin, 2×20 semifinals and final (Continuous – NO REAL TIME). The clock will only be stopped on decision of the referee.

  1. Half time interval

The half time interval shall last 1 minute

  1. Referee Sheet

A maximum of 12 players are to be filled out on the Referee Sheet during a Futsal match.

  1. Bench

The bench consists of maximum 5 players fielded, 7 substitutes, a coach and assistant coach, a doctor and physiotherapist. A translator may be present behind the bench. All persons on the bench have to be mentioned on the Referee Sheet. Persons who are not on the Referee Sheet are not allowed on the substitution bench or in the neutral zone where only officials are allowed.

  1. Official table

The free space in front of the Official Table is to be kept clear. It is not allowed to disturb the persons at the table during the games.

  1. Time out

One timeout is allowed per team per half.

  1. No extra time

During Semi-Finals and Finals, a penalty shoot-out with 3 penalties per team (and subsequent sudden death) will be taken in order to determine a winner.

  1. Protection

It is obligatory to wear shin guards (leg protectors) during the Futsal competition. Jewelry and piercing must be taken off.

  1. Forfeit

In case of a forfeit, 5 minutes delay in accordance with the match official time, or a refusal to play, the result of 0-5 is acknowledged to the opponent. If a team forfeits or refuses more than one (1) game in the same championship it will be taken out of the tournament and all match results of that team will result in 0-5 result for the opponent.

  1. Misconduct

Any player or any delegation member who commits an act of gross unsporting misconduct during the tournament, shall be reported in writing to the Head of delegation. Furthermore the organization can exclude them from the competition.

  1. Suspension

Real time punishments even when matches are played without stopping the clock. A player, who is given two (2) yellow cards during the same game, receives a red card and is suspended during for the remaining time of that match, but may be replaced by another team member after two (2) minutes or from the moment the opponent scores a goal. When a player receives a direct red card, the player is immediately suspended

for the remaining time but not for the following match. He may also be replaced by another team member after two (2) minutes or from the moment the opponent scores a goal. If by punishment both teams are with 4 players, and a goal is scored, both teams remain with the same number of players till the full time of punishment (2 min.) is complete. Time suspended players can only re-enter the field after approval of the referee table. A player who is sent off may not re-enter the game in progress or may not sit on the substitute’s bench.

  1. Ranking System

8-10 teams divided into 2 pools of 4-5 teams. 1st and 2nd best ranked teams of each pool will qualify to semifinals.

The following system shall be applied in order to determine the ranking or qualification:

  • 1st: 3 points for a win / 1 point for a draw / 0 points for a defeat
  • 2nd: Mutual result
  • 3rd: Better goal difference
  • 4th: Higher number of goals scored
  • 5th: Penalty kicks if the circumstances allow so
  • 6th: If a winner still cannot be appointed; the winner will be determined by allotment