Belgrade Sport Tournament

belgrade sport tournament 2024

Rugby Seven



Tournament format (male or female or both) will be determined according to the final number of participants/entries.

Team Size

A match shall be played by no more than seven (7) players from each team on the playing field. A player may be replaced on account of injury or substitution. During matches there will be free substitutions. A temporary replacement for a blood injury to a player is permitted. No replacement or substitution may be made except with the permission of the referee, and only during a stoppage in play.


A match lasts no longer than fourteen minutes plus lost time and extra time. A match is divided into two halves of not more than seven minutes of playing time. After half-time the teams change ends. There is an interval of not more than two minutes. When there is a drawn match (tie) and extra time is required, after a break of one minute, the extra time is played in periods of five minutes. After each period, the teams change ends without an interval.

Fair play

Participants must behave respectfully and courteously in the spirit of FAIR PLAY, not only towards the referees, but also towards other officials, the opponents, team-mates and spectators.

Communication between team members during the match is permitted.

If you have a Rugby seven team that is willing to show its potential, contact us and be one of the many who will compete at BEST!


*We have reserved the rights to change any competition system depending on participation and in the best interest of the tournament.
**Head of every delegation must fill in a “Legal Aspect” letter.