Belgrade Sport Tournament

Belgrade sport tournament 2024



Handball is both male and female category. The rules of the tournament will be those governed by IHF.

  • A match consists of two periods of 30 minutes each.
  • Each team consists of 7 players; a goalkeeper and 6 outfield players.
  • The playing time begins with the referee’s whistle for the initial throw-off.
  • Substitutes may enter the court, at any time and repeatedly without notifying the timekeeper/scorekeeper, as long as the players they are replacing have already left the court. Faulty substitutions are punished by a two-minute suspension for the offending player.
  • Outfield players can stop, catch, throw, bounce or strike the ball in any manner and in any direction, using any part of their body that is above the knee.
  • A player in possession of the ball may stand stationary for only three seconds before shooting, passing or dribbling. 
  • Only the goalkeeper is allowed to come into contact with the floor of the goal area. Once the goalkeeper leaves the goal area, the athlete must adhere to the same rules as field players. 
  • It is forbidden to snatch the ball with one or both hands or violently strike or slap the ball from an opponent’s hands. 
  • If the player committing a foul is on the team not in possession of the ball, the referee may allow the play to continue until the offensive team scores a goal, loses possession or the action stops for other circumstances such as a free throw. This prevents an offensive advantage from being lost due to an undesired stoppage
  • If the entire ball passes across the sideline, the team that last touched the ball loses possession and the other team is awarded a throw-in. 


Participants must know the “Official Handball Rules” and abide by them and must accept referees’ decisions with sportsmanlike conduct, without disputing or questioning them.
In case of doubt, clarification may be requested only through the game captain.
Participants must refrain from actions or attitudes aimed at influencing the decisions of the referees or covering up faults committed by their team.


Participants must behave respectfully and courteously in the spirit of FAIR PLAY, not only towards the referees, but also towards other officials, the opponents, team-mates and spectators.

Communication between team members during the match is permitted.

*We have reserved the rights to change any competition system depending on participation and in the best interest of the tournament.
**Head of every delegation must fill in a “Legal Aspect” letter.

If you have a Handball team that is willing to compete, contact us and welcome to Belgrade!