Belgrade Sport Tournament

belgrade sport tournament 2024

Water polo



Water polo is male-only category.

  • The playing area is 30m x 20m with a minimum depth of 2m.
  • Teams consist of up to 15 players in total. 7 players in play at any time, 6 field players and 1 goalie. 
  • Field players are only permitted to use one hand to hold the ball. Goalie can use two hands when within 5m of their own goal.
  • Taking the ball under water when guarded is a turnover.
  • The game is played in four quarters with each quarter lasting for 8 minutes with a 2 minute break between quarters.
  • Players are not allowed to touch the bottom of the pool or hang on the wall.
  • A team may only have possession of the ball for up to 30 seconds without shooting for a goal, but if a shot is taken and the ball rebounds, the shot clock is reset and the 30 seconds begins again.
  • A goal is equal to one point and is scored when the ball completely passes the goal posts and below the crossbar.
  • Fouls are made up of ordinary fouls and major fouls. Players are only allowed three major fouls, any more and they are excluded from the game.


At the end of a match, if a game is tied, then a penalty shootout is used to determine the winner, where all 5 players from each team shoot alternately from the 5m line. If the score remains tied, the shootout continues until one team misses and the opposition scores.

Fair play

Participants must behave respectfully and courteously in the spirit of FAIR PLAY, not only towards the referees, but also towards other officials, the opponents, team-mates and spectators.

Communication between team members during the match is permitted.


For other details regarding the Tournament, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you have a Water polo team – register and welcome to Belgrade!

*We have reserved the rights to change any competition system depending on participation and in the best interest of the tournament.
**Head of every delegation must fill in a “Legal Aspect” letter.